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John P. Tiberi
LODD May 6, 1974
Richard E. Foglietta
at rest April 11, 1998
Raymond Rossetto
at rest November 8, 2006
Brian W. Filippi
at rest April 24, 2010
Clark "Gene" Cookingham
at rest August 27, 2011
Dominic G. Cianchetti
at rest January 5, 2012
Roger "Chico" Franze
at rest November 28th, 2013
Thomas A. Labuda
at rest February 2, 2014
Maynard D. Kutz
at rest April 10, 2014
Bruce Green
at rest August 6,2017
Phyllis Petrongelli
at rest August 15, 2017

James Simone
at rest August 20, 2017
Louis J. Venditti
at rest February 18th, 2019

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Chicago Heights Town Information


Chicago Heights is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. The population was 31,373 at the 2005 census.


Fire Department

For over 122 years, the Chicago Heights Fire Department has been providing the citizens of our community the best in Fire and Emergency services. Besides Fire protection, the department also administers the City’s Emergency Medical Service and Emergency Management Agency.

The men and women of the CHFD respond to more than 6,954 calls for service per  year. As the needs of the community have changed over the years the department has developed capabilities to respond to a multitude of hazards. The Department has 65 Career Full Time and 25 Paid-On-Call Firefighters operate out of 5 stations throughout the City. The CHFD also serves the Olympia Gardens community under a contract with the Olympia Gardens Fire Protection District. The Department functions under specific Divisions addressing a variety of Emergency Response situations.


The Department operates 5 Engine Companies, 2 Truck Companies, 1 Rescue/Haz Mat Company and 5 Ambulances out of 5 stations.


Station #1 (The Downtown Area)

91 East 19th Street

The Department’s Paid-On-Call Division operates an Engine #651 and Rehab Bus 662. The Paid-On-Call Division trains in this facility every Wednesday evening. Otherwise, this station is not manned unless call volume or severity necessitates the activation of the Paid-On-Call Division. Besides giving citizens the opportunity to volunteer service to the City, the Paid-On-Call Division has proved to be a training ground for future CHFD full-time personnel. Over half of our full-time staff spent time on our Paid-On-Call Division.


Station #2 (East Side)

State and 16th Street

Home to Engine Company #652, Truck #672 and Ambulance #682

  • Lieutenant S. Mascolino (A-shift)

  • Lieutenant Kinder (B-shift)

  • Lieutenant Weir (C-shift)

The 2nd largest of our stations, #2 also houses our Maintenance Division and Department Mechanic Matt Smith. Department training activities are held at this location utilizing a dedicated classroom and fire practice tower.

Engine 652

Truck 672

Station #3 (Headquarters - North End)

83 East Joe Orr Road

Home to Engine Company #653, Ambulance #683, Tower #673 and Rescue/HazMat #663.

  • Captain Fewkes (A-shift)

  • Captain A. Mascolino (B-shift)

  • Captain Enright (C-shift)

Each Captain command their respective shift and all 5 stations from this location.

Station #3 is the largest of the stations and is also the Department Headquarters.

Engine 653

Tower 673

Station #4 (West Side)

Division and 16th Street


Home to Engine Company #654 and Ambulance #684

  • Lieutenant Lueder (A-shift)

  • Lieutenant Iurillo (B-shift)

  • Lieutenant Manuel (C-shift)

Engine 654

Station #5 (The Hill)

22nd and Butler

Home to Engine Company #655 and Ambulance #685

  • Lieutenant Bednarek (A-shift)

  • Lieutenant Ewers (B-shift)

  • Lieutenant Einert (C-shift)

Engine 655

Emergency Medical Services


Along with paramedics and EMTs on our Paid-On-Call Division, we are able to staff 5 Advanced Life Support Ambulances. 50 of our 65 Career Firefighters are licensed paramedics. This capability is unmatched by any community in the Southland. This Division also runs continuous Emergency Medical Education for our own personnel, personnel from surrounding departments, and students from around the world. Nearly 300 Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters and Technicians from 30 countries have trained with our Department over the past decade. The EMS Division classroom is located on the lower level of City Hall.


The Chicago Heights Fire Department provides Fire and EMS services for the Village of Olympia Fields.






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